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Speed Classic Pro and Speed Pro Cooler Podium

Speed Classic Pro and Speed Pro Cooler Podium


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Updated and functional Perfect industrial juicer for high juice demand.

Feel the difference The Speed Pro range sees the arrival of the next generation of juicers, delivering even greater efficiency and safety to both the Retail and Food Service sectors.

The best Self-Service for catering The Zumex Speed Pro juicer adapts perfectly to your self-service area, providing your rest area, hotel or cafeteria with a fresh and delicious product.

Making life easier Zumex Speed Pro juicer offers the perfect  fit for restaurants with a high juice demand due to both its capacity and ease of cleaning.

New Feeder The technical characteristics of Speed Pro mean that it is always ready for action:

  • Increase in loading capacity - 20 kg

  • Front door - easier loading process

  • Better orange rotation

  • Broader feeder tube - 85 mm

Juice extraction block Zumex Speed Pro combines practicality and sturdiness:

  • Feeder tube with Flap to insert oranges

  • Digital display and invisible detectors

  • Easy to dismantle cover - Click & Clean system

  • Detachable peel outlet system with safety detectors

Integrated electronics All Zumex Speed Pro juicer models include Intelligent Touch, a standard electronic device that will make life easier for you. You will be able to choose: the squeezing mode, either automatic or professional; the language, the number of oranges to be squeezed, and control the consumption.

4 kg more autonomy Loading capacity 20 kg.

Extraction cover Strengthened and easy to dismantle.

Intelligent Touch Electronics for all models.

DCS Dynamic Cutting System Squeezing soft or very ripe citrus fruit has a solution. There is no fruit that resists the dynamic blade of the Speed Pro.

Easy to use, easy to clean The Zumex Speed Pro juicer is comprised of detachable pieces that are easy to clean and require no type of maintenance.  Everything to make your daily work easier.

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Context of use Self-service areas, hotels, buffets, traditional restaurants with high juice demands

Fruits/min 40 f/min

Capacity 20 kg

Fruit diameter 65-81 mm

Weight 65 kg

Power 300 W / 320 W (560 W COOLER)

Consumption 1.2 A (2.4 A COOLER) / 2.7 A (4.85 A COOLER)

Voltage 220-240 V ı 60 Hz / 115 V ı 60 Hz

Protection against moisture IPX4

Safety Triple magnetic system


Models with Podium

The Speed Pro models with Podium are designed to offer an efficient juice service. Simple to operate, easy to use and clean.

  • Speed Pro Classic Cooler Podium



Models with Podium

Context of use Self-service areas, hotels, buffets, traditional restaurants with high juice demands

Fruits/min40 f / min

Weight64,7 kg ı 142,4 lb

Speed Pro Self Service Spec                              Podium Speed Pro Tank Spec                           Podium Speed Pro Cooler Podium Spec


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