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Dough Dividers/Rounders

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The iR 260/15 Divider and Rounding dough machine makes portions of dough and rounds it with a perfect result. The machine rives a lump of dough between 1,5 kg. and 4,0 kg.; rounding, the second phase, is carried out with a lever and makes 15 perfect dough balls (each one’s weight between 100 gr. and 260 gr.). Efficiency and precision are the main qualities of iR 260/15.

iR 260/15 Divider and Rounding

iR 260/15 Divider and Rounding


This machine is the most modem synthesis of the two oldest methods of cutting and rounding bread and pizza dough. The machine is able to cut and round about 800/1000 portions of dough per hour.


The screw rounder model “Sfera“ is ideal for rounding pieces of all kind of dough from 30 g to 1000 g both with hard and soft or very humid dough.