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Beta 2 and 5, Continuo 5 - Cream Whippers

Beta 2 and 5, Continuo 5 - Cream Whippers


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Manual, adjustable portion control (Beta 2, 5)
Manual, adjustable portion control, continuous (Continuo 5)

The Cream Whippers of the Top Level Series for demanding professionals. Built to guarantee large production and excellent performance.

Main functions

  • Dispensing is manual or with adjustable portions (BETA 2 and 5).

  • Dispensing is manual or with adjustable portions or continuous (CONTINUO 5).

  • Maintain the liquid cream at 4°C.

  • Convert liquid cream and air in whipped cream by pumping them through the labyrinth.

  • Allow the desired quantity of product to be obtained instantly.

  • Decorate different products, making them more appetising.

  • Boost sales and creates added value.

  • Whipped cream is integral part of ice cream, bakery, pastry and gastronomy specialities.


  • Whipped cream from fresh, UHT or vegetable cream (30% to 40% fat)

  • Sweetened whipped cream (max. 5%)

  • Flavoured whipped cream

  • Mousse

  • Frozen desserts

  • “Afrogala” milk foam

Sites of use

  • All businesses, shops and communities making, dispensing food and drinks.

  • Café – Catering providers

  • Cake and pastry shops

  • Ice cream parlours

  • Yogurt parlours

  • Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores etc.


  • Rotary pump with air regulator

  • Digital Controls

  • Indirectly cooled removable liquid cream container. Keep the liquid cream in perfect conditions and does not separate fat and water

  • Production can be stopped at any time.

  • Both liquid and whipped cream are suitably refrigerated during the entire process in the machine until the dispensing.

  • Easy cleaning guaranteeing hygiene

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