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Prima 2, Prima 5 - Cream Whippers

Prima 2, Prima 5 - Cream Whippers


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Functional cream whippers of the Professional Series, suitable for small/medium enterprises. 

Main functions

  • They keep the liquid cream at 4°C

  • Transform it into whipped cream by passing through the labyrinth

  • Dispense whipped cream: with manually controlled servings. The desired quantity of  product is instantly obtained.

  • Decorate different products, making them more appetising.

  • Boost sales and creates added value.

  • Whipped cream is an integral part of many ice cream, bakery, pastry and gastronomy specialities.


  • Whipped cream from fresh, UHT or vegetable cream (ranging from 30% to 40% fat)

  • Sweetened whipped cream (max. 5%)

  • Flavoured whipped cream

  • Mousse

  • Frozen desserts

  • “Afrogala” milk foam

Sites of use

  • All businesses, shops and communities dispensing and selling food and drinks.

  • Café – Catering providers

  • Cake and pastry shops

  • Ice cream parlours

  • Yogurt shops

  • Restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, etc.


  • The removable container, indirectly cooled, keeps the liquid cream in perfect conditions and does not separate fat from water.

  • Equipped with a rotary pump, they process light and heavy creams, into the desired type of whipped cream

  • The pump pushes liquid cream and air through the labyrinth and they are transformed into whipped cream

  • The removable container facilitate washing and sanitizing with the best possible hygiene. The cleaning is easy, the pumps are rinsed through without requiring daily disassembly.

  • Both liquid and whipped cream are suitably refrigerated during the entire process in the machine until the dispensing.

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