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SL 50 Spiral mixers with fixed bowl

SL 50 Spiral mixers with fixed bowl


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This line of fixed bowl spiral mixer is distinguished by the following features:

  • a solid and sturdy construction;

  • widely covered bowl protection;

  • two motors, one for the spiral and one for the bowl;

  • great power reserves;

  • minimum overall dimensions;

  • pratically maintenance-free;

  • minimum quantity of water 50%.

The mixers of the Silver Line are regularly supplied with standard equipment complete with an electromechanical control panel with two timers. The left timer regulates the 1st speed and the right timer regulates the 2nd speed. The timers allow to adjust the desired working times. The key selector allows manual operation in first and second speeds without the control of the working times. This allows the machine to be operated even in case of malfunctions of the timers. The selector with the tank symbol and the two opposing arrows permit the inversion of the rotation direction of the tank only, to facilitate pre-mixing in 1st speed when necessary. The run button starts the cycle, while at the end of the mixing phase, when the grill is raised, operates as a jog control of the tank rotation, facilitating the removal of the mixture. Upon request, an electronic control panel can be supplied, featuring 2 digital timers.


  • Two motors: 1 for the 2 speeds spiral and 1 for the bowl with inversion

  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral and shaft

  • Bowl jogs button

  • Device for manual use

  • Bowl protection according to the CE rules

  • Electromechanical control panel with 2 timers

  • Machine mounted on wheels

  • CE rules

  • EAC and ETL certification


  • Programmable electronic control panel with 2 timers

  • Special tensions

  • Drain bowl cap

  • PLC control panel

  • Bowl and spiral control speed

  • Stainless steel version

  • Temperature probe

  • Scraper and water dosing

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