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Aeromix Planetary Mixer

Aeromix Planetary Mixer


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Aeromix is the name of this line of planetary mixers with exceptional features. With their outstanding speed ratio, they offer the best results in terms of quality when used with whisks for whipped products and with blades for emulsions, typical mixtures for pastry and gastronomy. What makes these machines unique is the combined use of two tools, special in the production of dough: a very particular spiral that interacts with a second rotating tool. This tool has the task to contrast the action of the spiral, getting a double refining and a bigger airing of dough, thanks to its continuous division of the dough during its preparation. Such an invention, covered by a worldwide patent unique in its sort, guarantees a much better dough result, particularly in making the gluten net. Therefore “the planetary” becomes at all intents and purposes a mixer for excellent performances. As a matter of fact the counter tool, interacting with the spiral, makes a very good division of dough, rationalizing the spiral task and relieving the push forces on the bowl. In this way the dough capacity of the machine is remarkably increased.


High torque at low speeds

Stainless steel bowl

Motorized bowl lifting (40÷160 L)

Total release of the tool (60÷160 L)

Timer, revolution counter and thermometer with heart probe (60÷160 L)

Standard equipment: spiral, blade, whisk, 2nd and 3rd mixing tool

Bowl on wheels (60÷160 L)

Programmable control panel with 5 speeds + pause (60÷160 L)

Removable Stainless steel grid

CE rules - EAC certification


Special tensions

Air pressure incoming system

Stainless steel version

Bowl lighting

Drain bowl cap

Water nebulisation system

PLC control panel

Heating bowl system

Wall tools stand

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