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Zumex Speed S+plus

Zumex Speed S+plus


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The new Speed S +plus commercial juicer meets the needs of cafes, supermarkets and hotels that have a high demand for freshly squeezed juice. Enjoy the best user experience with the fastest, easiest and most efficient juicers in the Speed range.

Respond to the growing demand for healthy products, and create the freshest corner in your store. Make your point of sale an authentic Fresh Place! Speed Up is the ideal companion for the evolution of your business in the juice world.

Choose your tabletop juicer, or an All-in-One model for greater autonomy.

Advantages of the Speed Series

  • Integrated high capacity feeder. 20 kg capacity.

  • Intelligent Electronics. With 2 operational modes: Automatic or Professional.

  • Drip tray with direct drain to the waste bucket in the All-in-one model.

  • Original System juicing system with ASP antibacterial technology.

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  1. Zumex original extraction System

  2. Leaders in innovation and technology

  3. Extend your equipment warranty for 2 to 5 years by registering your product

  4. 30 years designing innovative juice extraction equipment