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Gelshow 2x3 Gelshow 4x3 CONTINUOUS GELATO MAKERS

Gelshow 2x3 Gelshow 4x3 CONTINUOUS GELATO MAKERS


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Professional machines with fresh gelato always in movement, they attract the attention of consumer and improve impulse buying.
Many different shops and locations can offer fresh gelato whilst it is churned.

Main functions

  • Attracts attention with the moving product during processing.

  • Produces always fresh gelato thanks to continuous freezing.

  • The ready product is conserved directly in the cylinder and served out from it.

  • No need of production kitchen and display cabinet.

  • Can be used instead of soft ice cream machines..


  • Gelato

  • Sorbetto

  • Slush

Sites of use

  • Busy public areas

  • Corners and kiosks

  • Pedestrian areas

  • Supermarkets

  • Swimming pools

  • Ice cream & yogurt shops

Reduced investment

The machines take up very little spaceThey do not require a special workshop or a display cabinet
The initial investment is lower than the investment for other processing and sales systems. Return of investment is rapid. Profit margins are significant compared to what has been invested.

Easy to use

Two freezing temperatures and one overnight conservation temperature. They do not need trained personel and are easy to clean and sanitize.

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