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Moretti Forni Neapolis

Moretti Forni Neapolis


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An exceptional baking tool with a cutting-edge design that respects tradition, the oven is an electric, modern adaption. Moretti Forni has used their extensive industry experience to provide the highest temperature ever seen in an electric oven: 510°C, allowing the baking of a Neapolitan pizza in less than 1 minute.

The Neapolis oven embodies the centuries of expertise and manual skills that have made the Neapolitan pizza a world-famous lifestyle and food ambassador. Moretti Forni has studied this tradition to develop and convey this message of excellence to every corner of the globe. This started from the heart of the traditional old centre of Naples, where the Neapolitan pizza was born.

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A complete range of electric and gas ovens expressing the highest level of integration between form and function. Reliability, maximum productivity, high performances.


Construction quality

Moretti Forni has used the best materials and applied the most intelligent solutions to limit power consumption and also respect the environment.

Neapolis is equipped with an electronic temperature management, allowing for precise and maintained temperature control. The new-generation software of Neapolis guarantees the perfect baking everytime! The software is equipped to manage the installed power of 14.7 kW to achieve the maximum working temperature in just 1 hour and 45 minutes. The oven will consume the absolute essential minimum during use: just 6.5 kW/h to bake over 200 pizzas per hour.

Neapolis is made of cutting-edge materials that allow for an optimal insulation and in spite of the high temperatures; you can touch the external surface without burning yourself.

The insulation, vintage stainless steel finishes, an opening in heavy-duty cast iron, black steel hood, baking deck in biscotto di Sorrento clay and optimised heating elements are all details that explain why Neapolis is an oven that cannot be matched.

Neapolis is ready to bake: once connected to a power supply, you just need to switch on the smart display to set different temperature of the ceiling and the floor.

Whether you’re thinking about a traditional pizza, a “chariot wheel” pizza, thin-crust pizza, a “pizza canotto” or a crispy base, Neapolis gives you all the power your pizzeria needs. And it’s up to you to decide how much yo use and for how long.

All the pizza you want with perfect results, every time and without stopping. Neapolis is the ideal companion when it comes to making the pizzaiolo’s and baker’s job much easier. Powerful, reliable, and tireless. Power can be controlled from the electronic display, meaning you can set the temperature to your requirements and keep this setting for all the time you need, without any worries.

The combination of artisan skills and intelligent control, together with patented blades, means you can keep the ideal moisture setting for your pizza and bake all the pizzas you need without stopping.

It also solves the problems of the firewood purchase, storage, and the environmental pollution caused by unburnt gas.

External Construction

  • Sheet steel structure coated with high-temperature epoxy powder paint finish

  • External panelling with "post-industrial" finish

  • "Inox Vintage" coated front panel

  • Black granite landing with slot for thermal bridge break

  • Cast-iron oven opening

  • Rounded fume hood with Neapolis® design

  • Black coated stainless steel cylindrical flue

  • Front-facing digital control panel and retractable sliding panel

Internal Construction

  • Oven chamber made from refractory material

  • 5.5cm thick patented slab with interchangeable 'Biscuit' cooking surface positioned on top of heating plate made from perforated refractory material

  • Resistors inserted inside the ceiling and floor perforated refractors

  • Patented High-density dual insulation for high temperatures

  • Insulation with heated joints and a COOL AROUND® TECHNOLOGY air space


  • Heating via bare-wire coil resistors with optimised temperature balancing

  • Maximum temperature of 510°C

  • Patented Self-stabilising internal deflectors situated on dome oven chamber surface to minimise leakage and ensure uniform heat distribution

  • Electronic temperature management with independent adjustment of ceiling and floor

  • Continuous temperature monitoring with thermocouple

  • Steam draught adjustable via a manual valve

Standard Equipment

  • Removable oven chamber stainless-steel door, with increased insulation and heat-resistant handle

  • Stainless-steel door supports

  • Protected lighting thanks to hidden double halogen lamps

  • Lateral refractory protection in oven chamber opening

  • Daily power-on timer

  • ECO-STAND BY TECHNOLOGY® for work breaks

  • 20 customisable programs

  • Pre-set programs: temperature rises, average setting, maximum setting, heat-regulation cleaning

  • Separate max. temperature safety device

  • Anchoring system for lifting

Options and Accessories (with surcharge)

  • Unheated prover with hidden controllable castor wheels

  • Heat-regulated prover with internal lighting and hidden controllable castor wheels

  • Additional tray holder slides for prover

  • Heavy Duty Pack