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Compacta Vario Combined Machine

Compacta Vario Combined Machine


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All-in-one counter-top machine that allows you to produce high quality Italian Gelato

Horizontal mixer The ingredients are poured into the hopper of the top cylinder and finely mixed. High rotation speed allows the complete dispersion of dry ingredients in the mix.

Pasteurization - Pressing the heating button will start the cycle, which can be adjusted up to 705°C. The control buttons are immediately interpretable; an acoustic/visual signal shows that the temperature has been reached.

Direct transfer - The mix is transferred to the freezing cylinder through an outer spigot. The double exit allows to extract high-density products directly from the boiler.

Batch freezer - Pressing the button with the cone will start the gelato production cycle. An acoustic/visual signal shows that the gelato is ready.

Gelato extraction - Once the cycle ends, the gelato is kept inside the machine at the right consistency; extraction is complete and fast due to the high rotation speed of the paddles and the wide opening for the gelato.

Compacta Vario - The Compacta Vario system always makes gelato with perfect consistency, both for rich and delicate mixes, at maximum production and minimum capacity.

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