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CK - Blast Freezer for Gelato and Pastry

CK - Blast Freezer for Gelato and Pastry


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Blast freezing gelato for a few minutes immediately after it leaves the batch freezer hardens its surface. This results in better conservation and stabilises its height giving a flawless product for display.

Blast freezing gelato intended for storage for a few hours freezes it to -J8°C, setting it completely. When reconditioned at -14°C, the gelato once again becomes soft, creamy and spatula-friendly.

When making gelato cakes, Bavarian cream, mousse, single-portion desserts, hard pieces and all gelato confectionery, the blast freezer's speed and health assurances make it an essential appliance. Products defrost absolutely uniformly.

CONTROL PANEL - with large display showing temperatures, times and processes

• refrigeration • freezing • blast freezing

• time setting • product core probe setting

• product core probe heating • defrosting.

EVAPORATOR with hinged stainless steel deflector, for perfect cleaning and inspection of all parts.

GELATO MAKING VERSION Racks with pairs of non-tip (runners, complete with shelves for gelato pans; runners are easily removable and washable.


With blast chilling to +3°C, baked products such as cakes and sweet pastries, cake bases, muffins, baked snacks, etc. all retain their freshness for 5-6 days. They are ready to eat in a few minutes, with all their original flavour, colour, aroma and weight.

With blast freezing to -18°C, raw items such as cake and pastry dough, etc. maintain all their cell structure, guaranteeing perfect conservation for several months. Products are conveniently ready for baking, at any time.

With blast freezing to -18°C, baked products such as eclairs or croissants retain their aroma. When defrosted, for 15-20 minutes at room temperature or for 30 seconds in a microwave, their shape and consistency remain perfect.

CONFECTIONERY VERSION Racks with pairs of L-runners for 40x60 cm confectionery trays; runners are easily removable and washable.

PROBE for reading product core temperature; heated for trouble free removal after freezing.

ACCESSORIES these optional accessories allow customisation of the CK blast freezers.

• ozonizer for sterilising the appliance interior and evaporator • pairs of (-runners for gelato version

• pairs of L-runners for confectionery version

• 40x60 cm shelf • 4 swivel wheels, 2 with brake

• optional water condenser for CK 200.

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