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The FAEMA Teorema is an automatic espresso machine that comes in 2-group and 3-group configurations. The boiler is equipped with the patented “Smart Boiler” system, and is insulated with a special material that reduces heat-loss, and gives an energy savings estimated to be 24%.

The FAEMA Teorema also has a patented adjustable thermal balancing system. Both the 2-group and 3-group machines come with 2 standard steam wands and a hot water wand. The top of the Teorema is a cup heater that has three temperature settings. It also features a USB port that allows you to save and reinitialize settings.

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High and constant quality in every cup of coffee and conditions on use

A new style of service

Teorema offers a new, contemporary style of service that not only tells of Faema’s passion for excellence


Blue lights

Green conscience

Teorema is firm and rational when it comes to managing consumption - a fundamental aspect in modern cafés, where the bartender’s (barista’s) satisfaction is determined not only by that of his clientèle but also by the possibility to make significant management.


High performances

Designed to exemplify the perfect balance between design and optimum performance


Tall Cup

This FAEMA Teorema features a taller cup clearance (5.5”) than the standard Teorema, and one of the steam wands has been upgraded to an “Autosteam-Milk4” system which automatically does frothing and/or simple heating without manual intervention for 4 different milk quantities.

An espresso machine to satisfy the barista

Teorema helps the barista to respond to evolving tastes and consumption styles with constant and flawless quality in the cup, whatever the conditions of use.

Teorema Smart

Teorema Smart Boiler technology allows you to get the maximum amount of steam, everytime. This is how your cup is always perfect.


Autosteam Milk4

Autosteam Milk4

Smart Boiler

Smart Boiler