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The Emblema is the latest espresso machine by Faema able to impose the values and prestige of the Italian excellence.  With the Emblema, the coffee world will never be the same again.  As charismatic as every top-of-the-line products must be, the Emblema is an innovative machine capable of touching both the heart and mind. Designed by Giugiaro, the Emblema is exceptionally elegant, but behind its stainless steel panel, the Emblema keeps unmatched levels of productivity and safety, technical features and comfort of use which take the well-known Faema reliability to new heights.  The push buttons are precise and easy to use, while the large stainless steel working area lets the barista move faster and speeds up cleaning.  The graphic display is easy to read and the large cup warmer allows keeping several cups within reach.  Finally, the slanted porter filters make this machine extremely comfortable to use.  The Emblema is available in 2, 3 and 4 groups in the automatic version where coffee is delivered according to previously programmed doses.

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Style and ergonomics surround the legendary Faema thermal system

Advanced electronics

Advanced electronics for a full operational comfort and a result in the cup in accordance with your highest expectations.


A perfect espresso

Each coffee group can be set with a different temperature: with the Faema variable thermal thermosiphon system espresso coffees are always excellent with every blend.


An extraordinary design

Three body colours and multicolour sets of lights to choose from. Emblema Restyling will raise your heartbeat.


Pure excellence

Thanks to the Perfect Grinding System (card kit that comes with the wireless grinder-dosers), Emblema communicates via Bluetooth with the wireless grinder-doser, which self-adjusts the grinding and the coffee dose for an excellent result in the cup.

A striking style.

Legendary Faema thermal system: Design filter cover Three finishes: aluminium, anthracite and white Side.

Innovative ergonomic solutions

Cold touch steam wand, the new soft touch open-spout portafilters with a specially developed grip angle. An illuminated work area, a flush system to eliminate coffee residues from the previous delivery and a steam wand purge function.


Smart Boiler

Smart Boiler

Autosteam Cold Touch

Autosteam Cold Touch