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Cuppone - Pizzaform

Cuppone - Pizzaform


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Pizzaform is a special dough press, which is now produced in a range of fi ve models and which makes pizza dough bases for pizzas measuring up to 52 cm in diameter.

Its main characteristics are:

The high production rate it can achieve, making up to four hundred pizzas in one hour, without having to employ specialised labour.

The perfect uniformity in the shape and the thickness of the pizza dough bases, without having to renounce the traditional edging, which is obtained thanks to the special confi guration of the chromium bevelled edge plates.

The thickness of the bases can easily be adjusted.

Thanks to the action of electronically controlled plates, a solid thin layer of starch gel is formed on the external part of the dough mixture. This Starch layer holds back the gas produced in the natural fermentation of the dough and so produces perfect even cooking inside of the pizza bases.

This equipment, which has been produced completely in stainless steel, comes equipped with all the safety devices required by international legislation.

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