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Speed S +plus Tank All-in-one

Speed S +plus Tank All-in-one


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An outstanding commercial juicers

Is configured to give more autonomy and to ease cleaning

The most complete series

The new Speed S +Plus commercial juicers has been created for cafeterias, supermarkets and hotels. It offers an improved user experience and is faster and easier to use.

More features to satisfy high juice demands

  • New 1Step Extraction Kit.Turn the central knob and remove the entire juicing mechanism in just one move.

  • New automatic PulpOut system. Guaranteed high quality and optimal texture juice.

  • New tap and tray. Easy serve.

  • New podium. Up to 100 L - 40 Kg of waste.

New 1Step Extraction Kit

Record in disassembly and cleaning times

High Performance New automatic PulpOut System

New tap and tray The easiest way to serve yourself

Change flavour in 10"

  • With the new 1Step Extraction Kit, you can explore new citrus juice combinations quickly and easily. 

    More variety!

  • Orange juice

  • Lime juice

  • Lemon juice

  • Grapefruit juice

1Step kits for all citrus fruits

Different diameters fruit:

  • 1Step S: diameters of 45 to 67 mm (1.77" - 2.64")

  • 1Step M (Standard on Speed S + plus models): diameters of 65 to 81 mm (2.56” - 3.19”)

  • 1Step L: diameters of 75 to 95 mm (2.95” -3.74”)
    (*Coming soon)

Speed S +plus Self Service Podium

The industrial juicer designed to offer your customers fresh juice to go: in a bottle or cup.

With its new podium, the Speed S +plus series has a greater capacity for up to 100 L - 40 Kg of waste.

Speed S +Plus expands the possibilities for your business

Ideal for retail establishments with a workroom. Store recently squeezed juice in the 5-litre tank, with the same quality and no wait.

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Context of use Self-service areas, hotels, buffets, traditional restaurants with high juice demands

Fruits/min 40 f/min

Capacity 20 kg

Fruit diameter 65-81 mm

Weight 65 kg

Power 300 W / 320 W (560 W COOLER)

Consumption 1.2 A (2.4 A COOLER) / 2.7 A (4.85 A COOLER)

Voltage 220-240 V ı 60 Hz / 115 V ı 60 Hz

Protection against moisture IPX4

Safety Triple magnetic system






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  1. Zumex original extraction System

  2. Leaders in innovation and technology

  3. Extend your equipment warranty for 2 to 5 years by registering your product

  4. 30 years designing innovative juice extraction equipment